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MASTERDUCT specializes in providing lightweight, flexible, abrasive-resistant, heat tolerant and high-quality technical hoses as a solution to just about any need!

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Masterduct All Weather Flexible Duct MASTERDUCT All Weather Flexible Duct
for Indoor and Outdoor Use

A highly flexible, neoprene-coated fabric duct that is used for heating and cooling temporary conditioned air systems.  The water repellent fabric makes it ideal for use in outdoor applications!

Masterduct All Weather Flexible Duct

AMPIUS - The Hose of the Future is Intelligent!
It communicates proactively with you, for example to say whether its correctly installed, if it needs servicing, or even if it is close to wearing out and needs to be replaced!

Watch the video to see what an intelligent hose can do!

The Masterflex Group is demonstrating that the world of hoses and connection systems is also becoming increasingly networked.

Under the name AMPIUS®, the Masterflex Group has developed a hose system that will soon be equipped with a digital interface as standard. An app will then make it possible to call up data on wear, pressure, internal and external temperature and flow rate in addition to clear product identification. Such intelligent components with life-cycle tracking functions are playing an increasingly important role in the industrial sector.