Fire Flex® High-Temperature
Vehicle Exhaust Hoses

Where concerns for safety and quality are important,  MASTERDUCT raises the bar and sets a new standard for high-temperature exhaust hoses!

The Fire Flex® High-Temperature Vehicle Exhaust Hoses are manufactured for the sole purpose of meeting the high-temperature exhaust fumes market for the rapid response industry.  

  • Fire Departments
  • EMS Departments
  • Airport Departments
  • Harbor Departments

The Fire Flex® high-temperature vehicle exhaust hoses are engineered for extreme high-temperature resistance with excellent heat stability for the purpose of venting high-temperature exhaust gases away from the fire station area.   

The first two feet of the Fire Flex® lower hose is engineered to offer extreme high heat exhaust protection; it is also rigid, which supports the connection of the nozzle to the tail pipe without the firefighter having to bend over and breathe in the exhaust fumes.

The Fire Flex® upper hose incorporates a flexible, multi-ply design.  It is high temperature resistant (up to 700 ⁰F) and flexible, which makes it easy to handle and move to the required location. 

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Fire Flex® Brochure

Fire Flex® Case Study

Fire Flex® Lower Hose Technical Data Sheet

Fire Flex® Upper Hose Technical Data Sheet


Fire Flex® High-Temperature Vehicle Exhaust Hoses - Hoses for Emergency Stations.


The Hollywood, Florida, F.D. now uses MASTERDUCT's Fire Flex® dual temperature hose to exhaust high-temp fumes from newer engines.  The upper hose section, above the safety disconnect, is a multi-ply hose for maximum flexibility, strength, and temperature resistance.


Click on the Case Study to  learn more about the New Fire Flex® High-temperature Vehicle Exhaust Hoses and how they have helped the Hollywood Fire Department turn a hot situation into a better tempered solution!


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