Antistatic & Electrically Conductive Hoses

Hoses are used to transport solids (e.g. in the form of granular materials, chippings, dust, sand, cement, etc.) as well as liquids and gases. 

Hose lines can be a potential source of danger in pneumatic suction and conveying plants due to the build-up of electrostatic charges. 

Electrostatic charges occur whenever solids that are non-conductive with poor conductivity, come into contact with other materials and then are separated again.  The end result of this friction is the discharging of potentially dangerous sparks.  The capacity to dissipate such charges is therefore mandatory in many applications to ensure safe operation.   

There are a number of ways to avoid such discharges, and Masterduct has a solution!

Master-PUR Hose Series Antistatic

The Master-PUR hose series combine the three most important properties of a spiral hose into one product: Antistatic, Food-Grade, and Flame-Resistant.

Engineered with an eye toward safety having a surface resistance of R0<109 ohm, the Master-PUR hose series eliminates static at the source and helps to ensure safety in your workplace.  

Masterduct’s innovative PUR hose construction, utilizing an FDA compliant polyester polyurethane, makes it highly abrasion-resistant.  The smooth inside provides optimum flow characteristics to help reduce downtime from clogged hoses. 

The Master-PUR "F" hose series is extremely flexible for easy maneuverability. 

The inline, extruded manufacturing process of the NEW Master-PUR "X" hose series features an even smoother inside wall for optimum flow and offers a longer wear life compared to other PUR hoses.

The Master-PUR hose series includes a long list of applications, such as the food and pharmaceutical industry, suction and transport hose for abrasive materials, small dust particles, woodworking machines, and exhaust equipment.


An optional stainless steel helix makes the Master-PUR hose a washable hose, allowing the hose to be thoroughly cleaned between uses to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations.  The Master-PUR Stainless Steel Hose Series applications also include clean rooms or anywhere stainless steel is a requirement.

The Master-PUR EC hose series can handle the most electrically conductive application in the market place. Applications include dangerous areas where electrical conductivity is demanded, special hose for industrial vacuum cleaners, suction and support hose for abrasive materials, gaseous and liquid media, extraction of coarse-grained particles with high flow volume, and as a protection hose against mechanical damage.


Master-PUR Performance  Antistatic

Totally smooth. Totally abrasion-resistant. Totally flexible. Totally unique!  A world first among PU spiral hoses with a perfectly smooth inner lining!

Its unique manufacturing process makes it the most abrasion-resistant PU spiral hose in the world, withstanding even the toughest conditions. Durability, reliability and greatly improved cost-efficiency are guaranteed.

Master-Clip Vinyl A Antistatic Applications include areas with raised safety requirements, air-conditioning and ventilation systems, and low pressure applications.

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Electrically Conductive Hoses

Master-Clip PTFE EC Hose Series Electrically Conductive

Master-Clip PTFE H-EC is a Hypalon-coated polyester outside fabric.  The Master-Clip PTFE S-EC is a silicone-coated glass outer fabric.

Applications include dangerous areas where electrical conductivity is demanded, the pharmaceutical, chemical, paint, wood and paper industries, extraction of corrosive media, explosive gases and vapors, areas under increased mechanical performance, and low pressure applications.

Master-Clip Vinyl EC Electrically ConductiveApplications include areas with raised safety requirements and dangerous areas where electrical conductivity is demanded, air-conditioning and ventilation systems, and low pressure applications.

Antistatic is a standard feature on all of Masterduct's PUR hoses.

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