Eliminate static shock with the Master-PUR hose series

Antistatic Dust Collection & Material Handling Hoses
Extremely Flexible + Highly Durable + Longer Lasting + Cost-efficient

Save money over the long run!

Is hose failuare costing you money? 


Hidden costs can drive up the price of cheap hoses.

High-quality hoses from MASTERDUCT save money
over the long run by:

• Reducing downtime
• Decreasing maintenance costs



The MASTERDUCT Advantage:


  • Antistatic stops static buildup before it starts
    to ensure a safe working environment.
  • Extremely flexible for easy maneuverability.
  • Flame-resistant to UL 94 V standards protects workers from risk of fire.
  • Smooth inner wall promotes optimum flow and reduces clogs.
  • Highly Durable to withstand the most abrasive media.
  • Reliable and longer lasting to decrease maintenance issues and downtime.
  • Cost-efficient to save money over the long run.
  • Guaranteed top quality products and knowledgeable, friendly representatives to provide superior service every step of the way!

Antistatic Hoses for the Woodworking Industry

Static dissipation has become an important feature for hoses in dust collection systems.

Hoses are used to transport solids, as well as liquids and gases, and can be a potential source of danger due to the build-up of electrostatic charges.

Electrostatic charges occur whenever solids that are nonconductive with poor conductivity, come into contact with other materials and then are separated again. The end result of this friction is the discharging of potentially dangerous sparks. The capacity to dissipate such charges is therefore mandatory in many applications to ensure safe operation.

There are a number of ways to avoid such discharges, and Masterduct has a solution!  
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Master-PUR Hose Series

The Master-PUR hose series combines the three most important properties of a spiral hose into one product:

Antistatic + Food-Grade + Flame-Resistant

Engineered with an eye toward safety having a surface resistance of R0<109 ohm, the Master-PUR hose series eliminates static at the source and helps to ensure safety in the workplace. 

Masterduct’s innovative PUR hose construction, utilizing an FDA compliant polyester polyurethane, makes it highly abrasion resistant. An optional stainless steel helix allows the hose to be thoroughly cleaned between uses to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations.

The NEW, highly robust, Master-PUR X hose series features an even smoother inside wall for optimum flow. The one-step, extruded manufacturing process guarantees a longer wear life over other PUR hoses.

All of these advantages combined create the most versatile, cost effective, and abrasive resistant flexible hose on the market!

  • Antistatic to stop static electricity before it begins, ensuring your hair won’t stand on end!
  • Flame-resistant to comply with state and federal regulations to reduce the risk of fire.
  • Ultra smooth inner wall to protect against clogs.
  • Extremely tear and puncture resistant to help ensure dust and other hazardous material stays out of your breathing environment.
  • Highly abrasive-resistant to handle the toughest applications from powder dust to larger, more abrasive chips.
  • Long lasting to save money by reducing the cost associated from production downtime between replacement hoses.




Master-PUR "F" Series   Master-PUR "X" Series
Highly flexible for easy maneuverability. Works great for dust collection and applications that demand constant movement.

The one-step, extruded manufacturing process guarantees a smoother inside and a longer wear life over other PUR hoses.  Ideal for high volume, highly abrasive media and for stationary applications or where mobility is limited or not required.

Master-PUR SL-F
Master-PUR L-F
Master-PUR H-F
Master-PUR HH-F
  Master-PUR L-X
Master-PUR H-X
Master-PUR HH-X

Also available with a stainless steel helix
or an electrically conductive polyurethane.


Master-PUR Performance

Master-PUR Performance is the world‘s first PU spiral hose with a seamless smooth inner lining. The perfect inner smoothness provides a whole new level of transport performance, drastically cutting your energy consumption!

Its unique manufacturing process makes it the most abrasion-resistant PU spiral hose in the world. That‘s why it withstands even the toughest of conditions. Durability, longer replacement intervals and greatly improved cost-efficiency are guaranteed!

Applications:  Woodworking, dust collection, suction & transport for extremely abrasive solid, liquid and gaseouse media, glassworks, mineral processing plants, steelworks, shipyards, cement, wet and dry process conveyance and many other applications.


A more rugged hose engineered to withstand continuous flexing. The thermoplastic polyurethane is reinforced with a high strength woven polyester fabric that has excellent tear & puncture resistance.

Master TPR Plus

Manufactured using a thermoplastic elastomer fabric, which works well in dust collection systems.

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MASTERDUCT  is the world leader in the industrial hose market, specializing in providing lightweight, flexible, abrasive-resistant, heat tolerant and high-quality technical hoses as a solution to just about any need!  

  • Dust collection & Material handling hoses
  • Food & Pharmaceutical hoses
  • Antistatic & electrically conductive hoses
  • Air-conditioning, ventilation & welding fumes hoses
  • Exhaust fumes hoses


  • Chemical-resistant hoses
  • Specialty hoses
  • Electrically heated hoses
  • Pneumatic tubing & profiles
  • Installation & connectors

Save money over the long run with Masterduct!