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Templine Electrically Heated Hose Project Checklist

Masterduct templine™ electrically heated hoses are custom made to the unique requirements of the individual application. This form should be a guideline used to calculate and design an ideal templine™ heated hose installation. .pdf version
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Description of Application
 1. Hose inner diameter: * 








 2. Hose length:   m 3. Number of hoses:   
4. Pressure:   bar 4a. Vacuum:   mm water head
 5. Type of use:  Frost protection Temperature maintenance Temperature increase  
 6. Target medium temperature:   °C 7. Start up temperature:   °C
 8. Critical medium temperature:   °C      
 9. Medium type:  granular/powder gaseous liquid Type:   
 10. Ambient:  indoor outdoor  wind(>2m/s)  moisture  
 11. Installation location:   permanent frost condition
 12. External effect on heated hose:  none direct solar irradiation  
 13. Operating voltage:   volts 14. Customer required load:   watts
 15. Configuration of heated hose:    External supply
with temperature controller
with temperature limiter
 16. Hose configuration: 
  Inner hose material: 
  Thermal insulation: 
  Hose fitting:  Design: 
  Protective jacket:   standard PA-Braid Others: 
 17. Mechanical strain:  No Yes, description:   
 18. Installation:  Fastened installation (e.g. Cable tray) Free installation (e.g. Roboter)
  Moveable installation (e.g. Tank truck)   Other: 
 19. Bundling of heated hoses intended:   no
   yes, number:  
 20. Certification required: 
    yes, specify:
 21. Packaging and Delivery terms: 
 22. Packaging identification: 
 23. How did you learn about the templine hose: 
 24. Miscellaneous comments: