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Top Five Questions Companies Have About Flexible Hose & Ducting Podcast

In episode SDD222 of the Dust Safety Science podcast, Ross Blanford, Director of Sales at Masterduct, returns to highlight the top five questions companies have about flexible hoses and ducting.

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Dust Explosions

Safely prevent the big bang -
what an important role antistatic and electrically conductive hoses and connection systems play in explosion protection in the US and Europe.

Prevent electrostatic charging with the right hoses and minimize the risk of dust explosions.

Dust explosions are one of the most underestimated dangers in industrial manufacturing.

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Masterduct Lawn & Leaf Hoses 
Masterduct hoses are highly abrasive resistant to help make grass, leaf and mulch placement and removal quick, easy, and efficient!  Learn more...

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Masterduct's Ross Blanford connects with FPSA's Heather Davis to discuss how their operating philosophy, quality standards, hoses, and meetings customers' needs in high pace food operations sets MASTERDUCT apart from the competition.  Watch Video on LinkedIn 

Masterduct introduces the Master-PUR H HT 250: A High-Temperature Polyurethane Hose for Extreme Industrial Applications

Masterduct, a leading manufacturer of industrial hoses, is proud to announce the launch of the Master-PUR H HT 250, a state-of-the-art high-temperature polyurethane hose designed to meet the rigorous demands of extreme industrial environments.  Learn more...

Flexible Hose Safety and Combustible Dusts 

Dust explosions are a major hazard in industrial manufacturing. Microscopic fine particles can quickly transform the ambient air into an ignitable atmosphere which may then cause a small spark and be enough to trigger an explosion with serious consequences.  Read the article published in Hose + Coupling World, April 2023

MASTERDUCT food hoses to avoid costly hazards

To avoid costly hazards in food production and processing, a safe working environment is essential.  MASTERDUCT's mission is to provide you the right hose solution to keep your customers safe while saving you time and money!  Learn more about MASTERDUCT safe food hoses.

MASTERDUCT new stock locations

MASTERDUCT is excited to annouse our newest stock locations in Atlanta, GA and Oshkosh, WI!  We have partnered with warehouses in these two locations to deliver our most popular products and diameters to our customers in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.  Contact us for details!

MASTERDUCT has a full line of Master-PUR hoses in stock now!

Highly durable to withstand the most abrasive media, the Master-PUR hose series decreases maintenance issues and down time from torn or worn out hoses.  Engineered with a super strong polyurethane to outlast other hoses in the industry, the Master-PUR hose series saves you money over the long run by replacing hoses less often. Contact us for details!

MASTERDUCT All Weather Flexible Duct for indoor and outdoor use 

A highly flexible, neoprene-coated fabric duct that is used for heating and cooling temporary conditioned air systems.  The water repellent fabric makes it ideal for use in outdoor applications!