Master-PUR Hose Series

Extremely Flexible • Highly Durable • Longer Lasting • Cost-effective

Save money over the long run!

Antistatic. Food-Grade. Flame-Resistant.

Highly durable to withstand the most abrasive media, the Master-PUR hose series decreases maintenance issues and down time from torn or worn out hoses.  Engineered to outlast other hoses in the industry, the Master-PUR hose series saves you money over the long run by replacing hoses less often.

Extremely flexible for easy maneuverability, the Master-PUR hose series is engineered with an eye toward safety to eliminate static electricity at the source and help ensure safety in the workplace.

MASTERDUCT’S innovative PUR hose construction, utilizing an FDA compliant polyester polyurethane, makes it highly abrasion resistant.  An optional, washable, stainless steel helix is available for when safety is critical between uses.

The Ultra-smooth inner wall promotes optimum flow and reduces clogs.

The highly robust, Master-PUR X hose series features an even smoother inside wall for optimum flow. The one-step, extruded manufacturing process guarantees a longer wear life over other PUR hoses.

The Master-PUR Advantage

  • Antistatic surface resistance Ro < 109 ohm stops static buildup before it starts to ensure a safe working environment.
  • Extremely Flexible for easy maneuverability.
  • Flame-resistant to protect workers from the risk of fire.
  • Food-grade  FDA compliant material, available with an optional, washable, stainless steel helix when saftey is critical between uses. 
  • Ultra smooth inner wall promotes optimum flow and reduces clogs.
  • Highly Durable to withstand the most abrasive media.
  • Electrically conductive surface resistance Ro < 104 option available for dangerous areas where electrical conductivity is demanded.
  • Reliable and longer lasting to decrease maintenance issues and downtime.
  • Cost-efficient to save money over the long run.


Brochure (pdf) - Hoses for the Food & Pharmaceutical Industries

Brochure (pdf) - Hoses for the Plastics Industry

Brochure (pdf) - Hoses for the Woodworking Industry





Master-PUR “F” Hose Series
Extremely flexible for easy maneuverability.  Ideal for dust collection and applications that demand constant movement.

Master-PUR “X” Hose Series

Manufactured using a one-step, extruded process, and features a smoother inside for high volume, highly abrasive media. Well suited for applications that require less flexibility.

Master-PUR SL-F
Wall thickness between spirals: .020"

Master-PUR L-F
Wall thickness between spirals: .0275"

Master-PUR H-F
Wall thickness between spirals: .055"

Master-PUR HH-F
Wall thickness between spirals: .078"


Master-PUR L-X
Wall thickness between spirals: .0275"

Master-PUR H-X
Wall thickness between spirals: .055"

Master-PUR HH-X
Wall thickness between spirals: .078"

View the Master-PUR X Brochure.


MASTERDUCT specializes in providing lightweight, flexible, abrasive-resistant, heat tolerant and high-quality technical hoses as a solution to just about any need.

Drawing on the in-depth knowledge and experience of a vast network of sales consultants, engineers and technicians from around the world, MASTERDUCT is able to transform even the toughest application requirements into long lasting solutions.

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