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Join MASTERDUCT at NPE2024 Plastics show, May 5-10, 2024 in Orlando!

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Join Masterduct at NPE2024: The Plastics Show in Booth #S32088 and learn about our extensive line of antistatic and high temperature resistant hoses for the plastics industry.  Learn more...

MASTERDUCT welcomes newSales Director

MASTERDUCT would like to announce that we are making a change to our management team. With immediate effect, we welcome Shaun Griffith to the MASTERDUCT team. Shaun Griffith, currently Director of Sales for Flexmaster U.S.A.®, will also take on the position of Director of Sales for MASTERDUCT.

We say goodbye to Ross Blanford and thank you Ross!

Ross Blanford has left the company to pursue a new professional challenge. We would like to thank Ross for his hard work and dedication during his time at MASTERDUCT. We wish him all the best and every success in his new career.


We are convinced that Shaun Griffith is the ideal person to fill the position of Sales Director at MASTERDUCT. Shaun has an impressive career history and has been with Flexmaster U.S.A.® as Director of Sales and National Sales Manager since 2010 and has gained a wealth of experience.

Shaun's achievements at Flexmaster U.S.A.® include the development and implementation of the Online Pricing Program and the introduction of several new product lines including:

  • Masterduct All Weather Duct,

  • SA-TLD - Triple Lock Flexible Silencer,

  • RA-Kit - flexible duct kit for return air applications and

  • Type 9M - private label agreement with Quietflex.

Our new Director of Sales not only has a comprehensive view of the market but has also built an impressive network of manufacturers' distributors throughout the United States. His skills have helped establish Flexmaster U.S.A.® as an industry leader and strengthened our market position.

Our customers will benefit from Shaun's skills!

With the added responsibility here at MASTERDUCT, Shaun will have the opportunity to use his proven skills in product development, sales leadership and distribution network management to drive further business development. We are confident that our customers will benefit enormously from Shaun's presence and skills. His commitment to excellence and proven track record makes him an asset to the entire Masterflex Group. We look forward to continuing our successful collaboration with our new old colleague.

Please join us in welcoming Shaun to the team!  He can be reached at or (713) 462-5779. 

Don't miss this weeks edition of Meet the FPSA Member Series with Ross Blanford

Masterduct's Ross Blanford connects with FPSA's Heather Davis to discuss how their operating philosophy, quality standards, hoses, and meetings customers' needs in high pace food operations sets MASTERDUCT apart from the competition. 

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MASTERDUCT introduces the Master-PUR H HT 250: A High-Temperature Polyurethane Hose for Extreme Industrial Applications 

Masterduct, a leading manufacturer of industrial hoses, is proud to announce the launch of the Master-PUR H HT 250, a state-of-the-art high-temperature polyurethane hose designed to meet the rigorous demands of extreme industrial environments. This innovative hose offers exceptional temperature resistance, chemical resistance, flexibility, durability, and high-pressure capabilities, making it a game-changer for various industries.  Read More...

Top Five Questions Companies Have About Flexible Hose & Ducting Podcast

In episode SDD222 of the Dust Safety Science podcast, Ross Blanford, Director of Sales at Masterduct, returns to highlight the top five questions companies have about flexible hoses and ducting.

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Flexible Hose Safety and Combustible Dusts 

Dust explosions are a major hazard in industrial manufacturing. Microscopic fine particles can quickly transform the ambient air into an ignitable atmosphere which may then cause a small spark and be enough to trigger an explosion with serious consequences.  Read the article published in Hose + Coupling World, April 2023

MASTERDUCT food hoses to avoid costly hazards


To avoid costly hazards in food production and processing, a safe working environment is essential.  MASTERDUCT's mission is to provide you the right hose solution to keep your customers safe while saving you time and money!  Learn more about MASTERDUCT safe food hoses!

MASTERDUCT new stock locations


MASTERDUCT is excited to annouse our newest stock locations in Atlanta, GA and Oshkosh, WI!  We have partnered with warehouses in these two locations to deliver our most popular products and diameters to our customers in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.  Contact us for details!

Our most robust conveying hoses: Master-PUR Inline and Master-PUR Performance



The right PU conveying hose ensures more success through lower costs, decreased down time and increased safety

Whether in the initial consultation, the distribution of the product or in general service: the quality of a conveying hose is crucial! Only a high-quality hose proves itself in use and thus leads to long-term customer satisfaction. With numerous superior features, the  Master-PUR Inline and the Master-PUR Performance hoses leave no wishes unfulfilled. The Master-PUR Inline and the Master-PUR Performance fulfill all added values that are important for an optimal production process:  More success through lower costs, more time savings and more safety!  Learn more about the Master-PUR Inline and Master-PUR Performance hose!

Why Are There So Many Types of Hoses?


By reviewing the various types of hoses, hose constructions, and the key features of the most common types of industrial rubber, PVC and ducting hose, one can answer the commonly asked question, ‘why are there are so many different types of hoses?’Click here to read Why Are There So Many Types of Hoses published on Hose + Coupling World by  By Karina Robinson, Market Director, N.A Industrial Hose, Continental and Ross Blanford, Director of Sales for North America, MASTERDUCT.




New Rule Goes into Effect to Help Control Combustible Dust


Is your company NFPA 652 compliant? 

NFPA 652 mandates that all facilities where combustible dusts or particulate solids are present to complete a Dust Hazard Analysis report by September 7, 2020, and update it every five years thereafter.

A DHA (Dust Hazard Analysis) report helps to identify the presence of combustible dust, ignition sources, and existing hazard controls within a facility, and recommends safe operating procedures to reduce the risk of a fire or an explosion. 

To get a DHA report, the facility manager will collect samples of the dusts in their facility and send them to a lab to have them analyzed.  A report that identifies the specific materials in the dust and their relative combustibility is generated and sent back to the facility, along with recommendations to reduce any hazardous risks.  There are many labs that specialize in DHA reports.

After September 7, 2020, when asked, a facility must produce a DHA report to comply with NFPA 652.  The NFPA rules are written by NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency), and can be enforced by any AHJ (authority having jurisdiction). These include local building officials and inspectors, OSHA inspectors and even include insurance company representatives.

Hoses are a vital component to reducing hazardous conditions and assuring compliance. According to NFPA 652, hoses and ducting are referred to as flexible connectors. The standard specifically states that any flexible connector used in areas where combustible dusts and vapors are present should have an end to end resistance of less than (R0 ˂ 108) to ground with a grounding wire connected to the equipment that the hose is attached.  This includes applications where hoses have high flow volume or are in constant movement, both of which are more likely to generate a static charge which could lead to an explosion.

Masterduct offers an extensive line highly durable antistatic and electrically conductive hoses to help keep your facility in compliance with NFPA 625.  Contact us today to discuss you facility and hose needs to assure safe handling of combustible dusts, vapors and fumes.

Don't miss the Podcast: Designing Hose Systems to Handle Combustible Dust with Ross Blanford


DustSafetyScience interviews Ross Blanford, Director of Sales at Masterduct Inc in Houston, Texas, about designing hose systems to handle combustible dust.

Masterduct is a leading global manufacturer of flexible hose and ducting products and has over 30 years’ experience in providing the right products and utilizing the right materials for harsh and hazardous areas.  Listen to podcast!

A crush-resistant hose that always snaps back into shape after being driven over or stepped on repeatedly.


The Master-PUR STEP Polyurethane hose from Masterduct is crush-resistant, extremely flexible, and super lightweight. The unique hollow profile spiral snaps back into shape when driven over or walked on making it ideal for floor level areas where conventional hoses are subjected to rough conditions and can be permanently deformed.

Antistatic with an FDA compliant hose wall, the Master-PUR STEP hose can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as dust and powder conveyance, wood processing, food and pharmaceutical processing, or as a general protective hose.

Contact Masterduct to learn more about our extensive line of antistatic, flame-resistant, Polyurethane hoses that are made from FDA compliant materials.

PVC or Polyurethane??


Many companies have used PVC hose for years as a less expensive alternative to other hose materials. Depending on the conditions and the elements; PVC can wear out quickly due to abrasion or environmental exposure and can even be deadly in case of fire. Masterduct can provide a better solution for your facility.…/ar…/mdb/features/21705

Welding fumes may cause brain damage: study


This is an interesting article about risk for damage in an area of the brain associated with Parkinson’s disease for workers exposed to welding fumes.

Combining the issue of manganese exposure to that of hexavalent chromium and you can see why OSHA is paying close attention.

Masterduct offers a wide variety of hoses specifically for welding fume extraction.  Contact us to make sure your facility is safe for employees and OSHA inspectors.

Masterduct has the flexible hose solution for your high-temperature application!


Master-Clip hoses offer solutions to a wide range of high-temperature applications up to 2010oF. 

Specialized high-temperature fabrics are used in our unique “Clip” manufacturing process to ensure an extremely robust hose with an incredibly high tensile strength.  Master-Clip hoses feature an external helix for wear protection, and are engineered to provide a long, uninterrupted service life.  All of our hoses have mechanically locked seams with no adhesives. 

From vehicle exhaust to toxic fumes to hot air movement, Masterduct has the right hose solution for your high-temperature application!

Contact us today to discuss a solution for your specific application!

Develop solutions together


For decades, the Masterflex Group has stood for quality and know-how in the hose business. Now we go one step further and offer engineering services to our customers.This division bundles the entire know-how of the Group in the form of development offerings and consulting services. The focus is on highly individualized and efficient products and solutions developed jointly with customers. The result of this cooperation is special solutions with real added value.

Learn more about the engineering services of the Masterflex Group:…/masterflexgroup_engineeringserv…

Engineering Services


In the engineering services business division, the entire know-how of the masterflex group will be bundled up in the form of development offers and consultancy services.

Read an interview with Torsten Gebhardt, head of product and product management, in the march issue of technical trade.

Fire and Explosion Hazards in Cement Manufacturing Industries


This article from outlines the various fire and explosion hazards present in cement manufacturing industries. A description of the manufacturing process is given followed by five typical fire hazards. Lastly, five explosion hazards are also reviewed.…/

Is your company at risk for a potential combustible dust explosion?


Preventing the buildup of dust and static electricity is one of the key means for controlling fire and explosion hazards where combustible dust are present. Choosing the right hose is essential for the health and safety of your employees. Masterduct has many choices for antistatic and electrically conductive solutions.

Contact us at for more details.

This is an interesting post that gives an overview of the different aspects leading to a combustible dust hazard.



Masterduct antistatic hoses help ensure a safe working environment. Visit our website or contact us to speak to a hose expert to find a hose solution for your unique application.

Hannover Messe: Intelligent AMPIUS® Hose Systems with Life Cycle Tracking Functions



We have developed hose systems under the name AMPIUS® which will soon be equipped with a digital interface as standard. Using a specially programmed app, it will then be possible to call up data on wear, abrasion, temperature and flow rate in addition to clear product identification.

Visit us from 1. To 5. April at the Hannover Messe in hall 21 at booth j 30 and let this technical highlight show you personally on site.

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Overhead Hazards – The Importance of High-Level Combustible Dust Cleaning



Extrusion ProcessOur product range covers many different types of hoses, which are produced using the extrusion method. During this extrusion process of plastic profiles, a spring steel wire is moulded into the profile, so that it cannot move or twist.  Read more.

Case Study: Regen Temps Challenge Vehicle Exhaust System Users  Catalytic converter regeneration causes extremely high-temperature exhaust fumes.  Read More.

Helpful Hoses for the Woodworking Industry Know Your Hose!

Masterflex Group digitizes the hose & connection business...

Masterflex Group again one of the Top 100 German medium-sized businesses...

New antistatic hose series from Masterduct





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New antistatic hose series from Masterduct