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  • Product data sheets
    Displays a list of all products by name
  • Chemical resistance table
    Download (.pdf) a table listing hundreds of different chemicals and chemical resistance each type of Masterduct hose exhibits.
  • Technical data sheet
    Download (.pdf) information on Masterduct hoses including constructions data, hose positioning, pressure ratings, cutting hoses, technical terms and more.
  • Hose application chart
    Download (.pdf) the hose application chart that displays a list of applications Masterduct hoses can be used for and the hose best suited for the job.

Dust Collection Hose Gallery

Dust Collection

Wood Dust Collection and Wood Dust Removal Hose

Woodworking Machines Dry Material Hose

Wood Shop Sawdust Removal Hose

Wood Band Saw Sawdust Vacuum Hose

Wood Drill Dust and Chip Exhaust and Removal

Wood Sander Sawdust Removal Hoses

Overhead Sawdust Ducting and Hose

Wood Panel Saw Sawdust Removal Hose

Metal Dust Collection

Metal Chip Collection and Chip Clean Up

Metal Grinding Sparks and Metal Dust Removal Hose

Metal Chip Collection and Machine Shop Chip Vacuum

General Dust Collection

HVAC Systems