Did You Know?

Made in U.S.A.
Customers need look no further than Houston, Texas, for the U.S. MASTERDUCT manufacturing plant location.

Distributor Availability
There are MASTERDUCT technical hose distributors located in all parts of North America, ready to serve customers promptly and courteously.

Helpful hint
Being able to turn a hose 120 degrees from time to time will even out wear at internal bends.

Product Documents

Learn how using better hoses will save you money

Learn how Masterduct hoses can replace your existing hoses

The Masterduct Advantage

  • Highly Durable to withstand the most abrasive media!
  • Reliable and longer lasting to decrease maintenance issues and downtime!
  • Cost-efficient to save money over the long run!
  • Guaranteed high quality products and knowledgeable, friendly representatives to provide superior service every step of the way!


Masterduct uses quality materials and innovative assembly and production machines to create a superior product. Masterduct offers two types of hoses.

Learn about Master-PUR hoses Learn about Master-CLIP hoses


  • Engineered Solutions
    Solve specific problems in high-heat, chemical, and vehicle exhaust applications using an “engineered solution” that can save money in the long run.
  • High Temperatures
    MASTERDUCT has the widest range of high-temperature, flexible fabric hoses on the market. Fabric hoses are sold under the MASTER-CLIP trade-name.
  • Chemical Hoses
    Specific “engineered solutions” are offered through a wide variety of fabrics available in flexible MASTER-CLIP hoses, for venting corrosive chemical fumes.
    View the chemical resistance table for all hoses
  • Avoiding unplanned shut downs
    Boost profits. Production and maintenance managers look like heroes if they can get through a cost/benefit analysis and come up with a recommendation that makes sense and saves money.
  • Good Company
    OEM names like Weinig, PlymoVent, Nilfisk-Advance, and Premier Pneumatics all specify MASTERDUCT hoses on the new equipment they ship.
  • Attractive Pricing
    For overall convenience & lower true operating costs, the best.
    hose styles may offer the least expensive solution. Your Purchasing Agent may benefit if you explain why this is true.
  • Help You Can Use
    A local distributor or factory agent will talk with you, over the telephone, about styles and specifications, and answer your questions. A Human contact.
  • A Name to Count On
    MASTERDUCT, INC. is part of the MASTERFLEX family of companies, with worldwide operations.
  • Many, Many Applications:
    Woodworking > Conveyance > Food & Pharma > Dust Collection > Abrasive Ingredients > Airline Lavatories > Source-Capture > F.D.A. Requirements Ventilation > Fumes > Chemical Hoses > Military Aircraft > Plastics > Recycling > Bulk Solids > Many Others
  • Case Studies
    Articles about how different companies solved problems in their application using Masterduct hoses