Foil Hoses

This construction design includes all
of the Master-PUR "F" hose series.


In addition to the clip process, we also offer other production methods for manufacturing hoses using pre-produced films, foils and plastic fabrics. We provide the necessary know-how and expertise to spirally wind and mould the individual film, foil and fabric strips together. Once complete, a supporting helix made from spring steel wire or plastic is integrated into the hose wall (or moulded onto the outer surface).


Variable production options for spiral hoses made from a wide range of materials including strips of film, foil or fabric.

  • highly flexible
  • smallest bending radii
  • cost-efficient stock management and reduced transport costs thanks to compressed size with net packaging
  • production diameters available (dep. on hose type) from 1.25" to 24"


View the foil hose production process