Did You Know?

Made in U.S.A.
Customers need look no further than Houston, Texas, for the U.S. MASTERDUCT manufacturing plant location.

Distributor Availability
There are MASTERDUCT technical hose distributors located in all parts of North America, ready to serve customers promptly and courteously.

Helpful hint
Being able to turn a hose 120 degrees from time to time will even out wear at internal bends.

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Learn how Masterduct hoses can replace your existing hoses

The Masterduct Advantage: Master-CLIP Fabric Hoses

Master-CLIP fabric hoses offer solutions to a wide range of high temperature exhaust and corrosive gas applications.

All hoses feature mechanically locked seams with no adhesives.

Master-CLIP fabric hoses provide a long, un-interupted service life.

Master-CLIP hoses are ideal for:

  • High temperature applications
    Masterduct offers solutions for situtations where extremely high temperatures from 1,200°F to 2,010°F found in foundries, steel plants and forges are encountered.
  • Vehicle exhaust
    High temperature hoses resistant to 2,000 degrees F for a full range of vehicle exhaust extraction. Lightweight, flexible hoses for gas and diesel engine exhaust swing arm drop systems and hose reel systems.
  • Toxic fume applications
    Variety of chemical resistant hoses to exhaust non aggressive toxic fumes from Paint-spray, weld fumes and chemical fumes.
  • Air movement applications
    General positive or negative air ventilation and heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, dryer systems, plastic pellet or other high temperature material dryers, construction ventilation, dehumidification and fresh air ventilation in confined spaces.


Master-Clip products:

High Temperature hose
  Dryer systems

Vehicle exhaust hoses
  Pull-Up hose systems
  Hose reel systems
  Engine exhaust fumes

Toxic fume hoses
  Paint-spray extraction
  Weld fume extraction
  Chemical fume extraction

Air movement hoses
  HVAC systems
  Portable Ventilation
  Construction ventilation