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Made in U.S.A.
Customers need look no further than Houston, Texas, for the U.S. MASTERDUCT manufacturing plant location.

Distributor Availability
There are MASTERDUCT technical hose distributors located in all parts of North America, ready to serve customers promptly and courteously.

Helpful hint
Being able to turn a hose 120 degrees from time to time will even out wear at internal bends.

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Learn how using better hoses will save you money

Learn how Masterduct hoses can replace your existing hoses

Is hose failure costing you money?

Hidden costs can drive up the price of cheap technical hoses. MASTERDUCT hoses save you money in the long run by reducing the cost associated with replacing torn or worn-out hoses.



The Masterduct Advantage: Master-PUR polyurethane hoses

  • Antistatic stops static buildup before it starts to ensure a safe working environment.
  • Extremely Flexible for easy maneuverability.
  • Flame-resistant to UL 94 V standards protects workers from the risk of fire.
  • Food-grade  FDA compliant material, available with an optional, washable, stainless steel helix when safety is critical between uses. 
  • Ultra smooth inner wall promotes optimum flow and reduces clogs.
  • Highly Durable to withstand the most abrasive media.
  • Reliable and longer lasting to decrease maintenance issues and downtime.
  • Cost-efficient to save money over the long run.
Master-PUR polyester polyurethane hoses are 30% more abrasion resistant than most polyether hose.

Polyurethane hose can last four to five times longer than vinyl hoses used in the same application.

All hoses feature a unique spiral construction that welds a protective polyurethane-coated wire to the hose wall.

Master-PUR hoses provide a long, un-interupted service life. With less start and stop time manufacturing takes place over longer, more efficient schedules.

Master-PUR hoses are ideal for:

  • Wood working and dust collection
    Polyester polyurethane hoses are superior to PVC for wood dust, wood chip, and sawdust removal. Wood chips and saw dust draw placticizer out of PVC hoses making them brittle and subject to failure. Lightweight hose material is recommended for the most flexible parts of machinery that often moves.
    Know Your Hose

  • Food and Pharma industries
    FDA-acceptable food grade hose wall with ability to stand up to abrasive materials and sharp, cold products. There are no additives put into the food grade material once it arrives at Masterduct. This hose is ideal for the conveyance of fine materials like flour and sugar, course dry ingredients like grains and pinto beans, and larger products like pet foods, animal feed and some cereals.
  • Plastics and material handling
    A smooth inner hose wall yields optimum flow characteristics for plastic granules. Course-grained highly abrasive filler materials like talc and CaCO2, or fibers like fiberglass associated with plastics destroy hoses. Master-PUR hoses provide relief for compounders, injection molders, blow molders, extruders and other plastic processors.

Master-PUR Products:

Dust collection hoses
  Wood dust collection
  Metal dust collection
  General dust collection

Food & Pharma hoses
  FDA acceptable food grade
  FDA acceptable crushable
  Food processor exhaust

Material handling hoses
  Lightweight hose
  Granule transport
  Oil mist extraction