Did You Know?

Made in U.S.A.
Customers need look no further than Houston, Texas, for the U.S. MASTERDUCT manufacturing plant location.

Distributor Availability
There are MASTERDUCT technical hose distributors located in all parts of North America, ready to serve customers promptly and courteously.

Helpful hint
Being able to turn a hose 120 degrees from time to time will even out wear at internal bends.

Product Documents

Learn how using better hoses will save you money

Learn how Masterduct hoses can replace your existing hoses

The Masterduct Advantage: Masterduct hoses outperform other brands

Masterduct produces high quality long lasting hoses that outperform other brands.

When replacing worn-out industrial hoses, businesses around the world are choosing high performance Masterduct hose products.

Save money over the long run. Using higher quality, longer lasting hoses will increase the time between hose replacement cycles and save money by reducing the costs associated from labor and production down time.

Contact us to learn more about a Masterduct hose that will fit your application.

Masterduct keeps a library of case studies that explore how Masterduct hoses are being used by several unique customers.

Customers have seen the benefits of using low maintenance, long lasting, high quality hose for years and we would like to pass their stories on to you.